Sara and Jonathan were expecting a baby, and interested to know how they could choose a name which would work well in both Australia and the United States. Sara is an Australian living in the US, and she expects their children to grow up in both countries. Sara also felt under pressure to come up with a great baby name, because their got such a positive response to their eldest son’s name.

Sara and Jonathan worked together to come up with two baby name short lists before the birth, and then waited to see which name seemed best once their baby arrived.

A few hours after their second son was born, and after trying several different names on for size, they decided to name him


little brother to Felix.

Sage was a name that was on their list right from the beginning: they didn’t talk about it that much, but every time they eliminated names from their list, both of them liked it, and wanted it to stay on the list.

Just as with Felix, they have received lots of positive feedback for the name Sage, and have already been asked a few questions about it, as some family members hadn’t heard of Sage being used as a name before.

The name Sage now seems to fit their son perfectly, and just as the name Felix is connected with good fortune, the name Sage is connected with wisdom.

Congratulations to Sara and Jonathan on naming two handsome boys so well! They set about their name search so sensibly, and yet I think their eventual choice might have even surprised them a little. That name that neither of you can throw off the list just might the right choice.