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Actress Holly Valance, and her husband Nick Candy, welcomed their first child a few days ago, and have named their daughter Luka Violet Toni. The middle name Toni is in honour of Nick’s late father, who missed meeting his granddaughter by just six weeks. Luka will be known as LuLu, however they did want a long form for fear the name LuLu Candy might be seen as unprofessional in later life.

Holly was born in Australia to a Serbian father and English mother who were both models; she has dual British-Australian citizenship, and her original surname was Vukadinovic. As a teenager she was cast in soap opera Neighbours as Felicity “Flick” Scully, and left three years later to start a music career in the UK. She brought out two albums, then moved to Los Angeles to take up acting again, appearing in television series such as CSI and Prison Break. In 2009, she returned to the UK, where she has been a guest on Strictly Come Dancing, and is currently a judge on Shopaholic Showdown.

Nick Candy is a billionaire property developer, one of the richest in the United Kingdom, and is CEO of Candy & Candy. Nick and Holly were married last year in Beverley Hills.

(Photo of Holly and Nick’s wedding day from The Daily Mail)