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l_2048_1536_55BA4ECF-57A0-4861-954A-D5C549924414After considering all the possible baby names, and a few impossible ones just for good measure, sometimes you end up with two or three names that you love equally, and just can’t choose between them.

Many people searched the Internet to discover which of their final options would make the better choice, and somehow stumbled upon this blog.

I decided to answer their questions, and found that quite often the name that seemed “better” wasn’t the name I liked best, or that I would choose.

Perhaps that is the lesson to be learnt here – not to look for the name which ticks the most boxes, or which fulfils more of your preferences, but the one which satisfies your heart the most.

When there is no right or wrong answer, how do you decide between the last two names on your list?

Adele or Adeline?

Classic Adele is the safer choice, and retro Adeline the more daring choice. I think I would be tempted to go with Adeline.

Riley or Caleb?

I would go for the Biblical name, as having more history behind it, and say Caleb.

Ryan or Dylan?

You ask which one sounds as if it is in a higher socio-economic group. To me, both seem fairly average or “normal”, and I don’t think I could pick one over another.

Rocco or Frankie?

Rocco – it’s rapidly increasing in popularity while still underused. Frankie is more fashionable as a feminine name now (if that bothers you).

Chloe or Lily?

Both are extremely popular, but I would say Chloe is the safer choice, as it has been Top 100 since the 1980s and only just peaked. Chloe also has a classical background, and is popular with all classes. Despite that, I prefer Lily.

Lillian or Clara?

I’d go with Clara, simply because it isn’t in the Top 100 yet and Lillian is.

Clara or Kayla?

Definitely ClaraKayla doesn’t have the history behind her that Clara does, and is on her way out.

Clara or Zara?

I think I’m going to have to back Clara again, just to be consistent.

Zara or Allegra?

I love Allegra, but I have to admit she’s a risky choice, since she does seem to be getting quite trendy as a celebrity baby name. My heart says Allegra, but my head says Zara.

Charlie or Jack?

I’d go with Jack if you want a classic name that is definitely masculine, and is a short form that has been long established as a full name. Charlie is very cute though.

James or Hamish?

James is the safer choice, being a classic that’s never left the Top 20. Hamish is a bit riskier, but if you want something obviously Scottish, then Hamish is your boy.

Hunter or Archer?

I prefer Archer, because you get Archie as a nickname. If you hate nicknames, then Hunter is probably more appropriate.

Evalyn or Aveline?

You ask which one sounds “lovelier”; in my opinion, it is Aveline. However, I think Evelyn is lovelier than Aveline. Can I interest you in Evelyn?

Emmie or Emma?

You ask which one sounds “softer”; to me, Emma sounds softer.

Indie or Milla?

Even though Milla is Top 100 and Indie doesn’t chart, I’m going to say Milla. This is because if all the spelling variants were combined, I think Indie would be Top 100 as well. To me, Milla seems more distinctive.

Amelia or Matilda?

These are both safe choices, although if popularity bothers you, you should know that Amelia is probably heading for the #1 spot, which she already holds in the UK.

Annie or Matilda?

If you want something less popular, yet which has been stable for many years, then pick Annie. If you would prefer a non-nickname choice, then go with Matilda.

Josephine, Violet or Mathilda?

Josephine is the safest choice, and Mathilda seems trendiest because Scandinavian-type names are coming into fashion. I think Violet is the prettiest. You could use all three, because Josephine Violet Mathilda is really nice as a name combination.

Josephine or Audrey?

Both classic names, but Josephine is more stable, and isn’t in the Top 100. I find Audrey really adorable though, so I’m going to go against the sensible advice and say Audrey. If you’re feeling sensible, pick Josephine.

Elsie or Josie?

Definitely Elsie – it’s fashionable, increasing steadily in popularity, and Eleanor Nickerson tips it to become the next Evie in the UK.

Luella or Eloise?

Eloise is the more stylish and safer choice, but Luella is sweeter.

Eloise or Matilda?

I think Eloise is the clear winner here, because it’s still at the bottom of the Top 100, and seems more up-and-coming.

Matilda or Helen?

Classic Helen has been stable for decades, and peaked in the 1940s, suggesting she may be due for a comeback in about ten years or so. I’d be inclined to be brave and choose Helen.

Max or Darcy?

Max is by far the safer choice, as Darcy is losing popularity as other surname names take its place. I think I like Darcy better though.

Max Archie or Max Oscar?

When I hear “Max Oscar“, I immediately visualise a gigantic Academy Award statue, so I prefer Max Archie.

Oscar or Lucas?

OscarLucas is just about to hit its peak.

Finn or Lewis?

Lewis if you want a classic name that’s less popular, Finn if you’re looking for an Irish heritage choice.

Kallan or Flynn?

Flynn – I don’t like it when names randomly start with a K instead of a C.

Taj or Kyan?

Taj. I’ve noticed faux-Celtic names like Kyan tend to have a short shelf life and date quickly.

Keira or Kirra?

Oh, go for the Australian choice and pick Kirra – be patriotic.

Sibella or Imogen?

Sibella, although much less popular, seems more trendy, and may get lost amongst the other Bella names, so I would pick Imogen.

Maisie or Matilda?

I love Maisie, she’s so sweet and charming, and seems much fresher than Matilda, so that would be my preference.

Matilda or Lilah?

Matilda – I don’t like that spelling of Lila, which makes no sense to me.

Jett or Jet?

Tough call. I think I might be tempted to go with vocabulary word Jet, which seems more fashion-forward.

Jai or Jye?

Jai – it seems more like a real name.

Jett, Levi or Jai?

Levi. Probably because it stands out pitted against two names starting with J.