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9956cc173a8fbb4051263936560ae_h_largeHelene and her husband are expecting a baby boy in the new year, and have the name Bruno as a front-runner on their shortlist.

For several years they have been living and working in the UK, but they plan to return to Australia in the near future, so they are interested in knowing how the name Bruno will go down in their home country.

The people they know in Britain strongly associate the name Bruno with the character and 2009 movie by English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, and therefore it makes them wince a little. It also seems to be a reasonably popular name for dogs there, or is considered a “doggie” sort of name.

Helene is wondering what the image of Bruno is in Australia, and if we might see it differently. So I am throwing this question open to anyone who is Australian, or has lived in Australia, or knows lots of Australians, or is hip to Australian name trends.

  • What do you think of the name Bruno?
  • Do you think the name Bruno is cool or uncool?
  • Has enough time gone by that the Baron Cohen character no longer has a significant effect on the image of the name Bruno?
  • What about in six year’s time, when Helene’s son starts school? Is it a name which risks playground teasing in 2019?
  • Is the name Bruno too much of a “dog” name?

Okay, the floor is open – share your thoughts on the name Bruno!