Oakley and Jarrah


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Arthur Glyn and Alice Jane
Niamh Halden and Imogen Gertrude (Audrey)
Stevi Veronica Kim and Mya Patrice Poppy
Willow Blue and Laquilla Eve

Anri Yi
Aubrey Robyn
Camilla Elizabeth
Chiara Therese (Michael, Lucia)
Claire Eira
Daisy (Elvis)
Eden Skye (Dakota, Ivy)
Elizabeth Diana
Esra Mae
Florence Darby
Gabriella Molly
Harper Lee
Juliet Amy
Kirby Ro
Layla Romae
Livia Catherine
Lucille Evelyn
Marcella Margaret
Matilda Susan
May Marion
Minnie Violet
Morgan Paige
Oakley Lola Mary
Quinn Willow
Savannah Georgia
Scarlett Aurora
Sienna Valentina
Tessa Grace
Vivian Joan
Zivah Kaylee

Albie Alan
Alessio Josef (Mia)
Aron Rastus Leif
Benji Mou
Calvin Daniel
Charlie Tige
Ciwan Reece
Cohen Leonard
Colby Innes (Hamish)
Dexter David Roy
Felix Atticus
Fionn Samuel
Franklin George Leon
Freddy Charles
Gus Fairley (Louis)
Harry Royce
Harvey Rick
Jarrah John Stanislaw
Jasper Wyatt
Julian Valentine
Knox Joshua
Lawson William
Micah Rocco
Oliver Tate
Oscar Ernest
Paxton Robert
Ryker Arden (Ari, Jensen)
Theodore Desmond
True Stephen
Xavier Saul

(Jarrah forest in south-west Western Australia)

Celebrity Baby News: International Celebrity Babies


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American reality TV star Audrina Partridge, and her fiance, Australian dirt bike rider Corey Bohan, welcomed their first child on June 25 and have named their daughter Kirra Max. Audrina starred in the MTV reality TV series The Hills, and briefly had her own spin-off show, Audrina; she now hosts a late-night travel show. Corey has been a professional BMX dirt bike rider since 2002 and was the first athlete to win in three consecutive years at the X Games – in 2004, 2005, and 2006. He took part in one episode of The Hills, and met Audrina during filming. Kirra is a beach from Corey’s home state of Queensland, while Max is the current unisex darling for celebrities to choose for daughters.

Balinese actor Kadek Mahardika and his Australian wife Laura recently welcomed their second child and have named their son Lenny, a brother for Mila [pictured]. When he was born they couldn’t decide between Jordy and Lenny so they chose the name using the “rock scissors paper” method – apparently Laura’s choice won. Kadek is best known for his role of Ketut, Rhonda’s Balinese holiday romance in the popular “Rhonda and Ketut” series of advertisements for AAMI car insurance.

Hyphenated First Names from the WMTM 2015 Name Survey


The Roses

The Lees

The Mays

The Jades

The Janes

The Other Girls

The Boys

91% of people would not choose a hyphenated name for their child, with 52% having a real dislike of this name trend. The remaining 9% would at least consider it, with 3% loving the trend.

Celebrity Baby News: Radio, TV, and Social Media Babies




Radio host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli and his wife Lisa [pictured] welcomed their second child around June 19 and have named their son Jack Walter David, a brother for TheodoreTed“, age 16 months; Ted’s birth was featured on the blog. Michael is co-host of Fitzy and Wippa on Nova FM alongside Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.

Television presenter Adam Dovile, and his wife Lisa Lamond, welcomed their first child a month ago and have named their daughter Arabella Jacqueline. Adam and Lisa won the second season of renovation reality show House Rules in 2014, and last year Adam became the DIY presenter on Better Homes and Gardens, winning a Logie Award this year for Best New Talent.

Reality TV participants Cassie and Ryan Thistleton welcomed their fourth child earlier this month and have named their daughter Mena Lee. Cassie and Ryan already have a young daughter named Emmerson, an older daughter from Cassie’s previous relationship, and lost a baby boy named Dex. Cassie and Ryan took part in the “spouse swap” show Seven Year Switch.

American plus size model Tess Holliday, and her Australian fiance Nick Holliday, welcomed their first child together on June 6 and have named their son Bowie Juniper; he is a brother for 10-year-old Rylee, Tess’ son from a previous relationship. Last year Tess became the largest plus-size model signed by a mainstream modelling agency; popular on Instagram for her positive body image campaign, she has been named one of the top plus-size models in the world. Nick is an artist and photographer who moved to the US to be with Tess after meeting her on social media.

Nirvana and Nova


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Ellie Isobel and Lucy Alice
Marshall Ben and Ava Rose

Adelaide Thamsin
Alexa Harper Lee
Avalea Jane
Cassidy Ruth (Matilda)
Charlotte Mavis Olive (Jessica, Amanda, twins Cody and Nathan, Elijah)
Ciera Ariane
Darcy April
Della Joan
Eliza Catherine (Olivia)
Elliot Poppy
Eloise Agnes
Elsa Jean Lillian
Emma Margo (Kate)
Evangeline Hope
Felicity Elizabeth (Lincoln)
Grace Betty
Hazel Adeline
Ilaria Estelle
Lily June (Bailey)
Lola Florence
Lucille Margaret (Finn, Evelyn)
Maelie Grace (Alistair)
Manea Jodiann
Océane Mélodie
Sai Ina
Savannah Valentine (Avangelena)
Taya Alice
Tess Raina
Ziggy Willow

Alexander Jesse
Arvie Joseph
Benjamin Asher Joel
Bodhi Silas
Boston Lennix
Bowen Erik
Carter Dudley
Evander Thomas
Hudson Alvin
Huxley Jacob
Jasper Anthony
Jensen William
Jye Patrick John
Laikyn James
Lucas Victor
Marcus Francesco
Max Teddy David
Nash Hunter
Nova George
Orlando Samuel
Oscar Rowan
Owen Lewis
Patrick Tracey
Quinn Connor
Ren Lupin
Ruben Vance
Seth Myles
Walter Frederick
William Jean Paul
Zachary Colton

(Photo shows Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania)


Name Update: It’s a … Boy!




Expat Aussies Maggie and Dan were expecting their third child, and weren’t quite sure what name to choose if they had a girl. They wanted a flexible professional yet cool name that would work in a non-English speaking environment, and also sound good with their daughters’ names.

As it happened, they welcomed a boy and his name is


brother to Zoe and Gemma.

Congratulations to Maggie and Dan on the birth of their son! Felix is an international choice which sounds perfect with Zoe and Gemma, and does seem as if it could happily suit either a rock star or a lawyer.

Requested Name: Xanthea


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Xanthea is a variant of the name Xanthia, an elaboration of the Ancient Greek name Xanthe, meaning “yellow, yellow-brown”, and often translated as “blonde, fair-haired”. There are several characters in Greek mythology named Xanthe, including a minor sea goddess and one of the Amazons.

You could see Xanthea as a saint’s name too, because in some versions St Xantheas is listed as one of the Forty Martyrs, Roman soldiers who confessed themselves to be Christian and were frozen to death in an icy pond. Although Xantheas is the male form of Xanthe, it would be possible to see Xanthea as a feminine form of Xantheas.

You could also understand Xanthea as a combination of Xanthe and the Greek name Anthea, meaning “flower, blossom”, which was one of the epithets of the goddess Hera, queen of Olympus. If you are one of those people who believe that squishing two names together somehow combines their meanings, Xanthea could be translated as “yellow flower” – reminiscent of our national flower, the wattle.

In fact Xanthea is sometimes used in scientific names to denote something which is of yellow colour, including flowers such as orchids and daffodils.

Xanthea is a modern name which has been used since the 20th century. A famous namesake is Australian cross-country skier Xanthea Dewez who made her international debut last year (in the off-season she plays netball). This may increase interest in the name.

One of the name’s attractions is that it provides fashionable Thea as a nickname, although Xan and Zan are also possibilities.

This is a rare name that is nonetheless familiar, and has no more pronunciation issues than Xanthe does. To me it seems more “namey” than Xanthia, and it fits in well with the trend for names starting with a Z sound, like Zalia. I can imagine many parents being attracted to this pretty and exotic-sounding name.

Thank you to Jessica for suggesting the name Xanthea be featured on the blog.


Xanthea received an approval rating of 62%. 27% of people preferred the name Xanthe, although 20% thought Xanthea was a pretty or beautiful name. Only one person thought the name Xanthea was too modern.

(Photo shows cross-country skier Xanthea Dewez racing in the Australian Championships; she came 2nd in her age class)

Waltzing With … Carter


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Famous Namesake
It’s cold and wet at the moment – just the right weather for curling up with a good book. But what if you want to curl up with a bad book? That’s what pulp fiction is for: cheap, disposable paperbacks that can entertain you for an hour or so.

Australia’s prolific prince of postwar pulp fiction was Carter Brown – the pen name of British-born Alan Yates. He came here during the war, and married an Australian woman he had met on leave. They lived in England for a while, but Alan’s articles and radio scripts kept getting rejected, so they returned to Sydney in 1948.

One of Alan’s jobs was producing the in-flight magazine for Qantas. In the evenings, he wrote a western, and went on to write horror, science fiction, and detective stories. At his publisher’s urging, he wrote his first full-length crime novel, Murder is My Mistress, which came out in 1954. It was so successful that Alan was contracted to become a full-time writer, turning out a novel every month for a weekly income plus royalties.

In the next 30 years, Alan wrote over 200 novels under the pen name Carter Brown, as well as 75 novellas. An individual title could sell up to 200 000 copies, and his total sales were 55 million. His books were second only to the Bible for the number of languages they were translated into.

His detectives included ditzy blonde private investigator Mavis Seidlitz, Hollywood screenwriter Larry Baker and his drunken assistant Boris Slivka, San Francisco lawyer Randy Roberts, and Lt. Al Wheeler, a policeman from fictional Pine County near LA.

The plots had beautiful, dangerous women, plenty of action, a bit of a laugh, and enough sex and violence to keep readers coming back for more. They could expect strippers, starlets, spankings, vampires, ghosts, aliens, witches, Satanists, psychiatrists, sexy Women’s Libbers, deadly yoga instructors, and rampant dwarfs.

There were loads of alliterative titles, like Bullet for My Baby, Honey, Here’s Your Hearse, Darling, You’re Doomed, and Cutie Wins a Corpse. Blondes were a favourite topic, featuring in Blonde Verdict, No Blonde is an Island, Blonde on the Rocks, and Blonde, Beautiful, and – BLAM!

The books were usually set in California, which was what readers expected. Alan hadn’t been to the United States when he first started, so wrote from his imagination, with some comic results. However, this didn’t bother his readership in Australia and Europe, most of whom hadn’t been to America either.

Once his books started being sold in the US in 1958, he did visit America and was able to add more realism. It was also America which fixed his pen name in place: he had sometimes published as Peter Carter Brown or Peter Carter-Brown, but it was felt Carter Brown would do better in the United States. A helpful rumour circulated that Carter Brown was the favourite author of President John F. Kennedy, which boosted sales.

Alan’s life was very different from that of his heroes, as he was a devoted family man who enjoyed a beer and a joke with friends. He spent nearly all his time writing, living in dread of deadlines, and surviving on coffee and Benzedrine to maintain the relentless pace. He dreamed of one day publishing a serious work, a historical novel set in Australia, but there was too much writing to be done.

Alan was no Raymond Chandler, but although he wrote pure pulp, it wasn’t complete trash. He was able to keep readers addicted through constant inventiveness while sticking to the same formula the publisher insisted on, and his humour, puns and literary allusions added sparkle to the text. Some of his works are still in print, and he has a loyal readership among fans of vintage crime fiction.

Alan won his only literary award a dozen years after his death, when he received the Ned Kelly Award for lifelong contribution.

Name Information
Carter is an English occupational surname for someone who transported goods, or who made a living building carts. It’s a very old surname, and may pre-date the Norman Conquest.

There are many people with the surname. Jimmy Carter, former American president; archaeologist Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen; writer Angela Carter; country singer June Carter from The Carter Family, wife of Johnny Cash; Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman; Rubin Carter, the boxer known as “The Hurricane” who later worked to help people wrongfully convicted; and Shawn Carter, the rapper known as Jay Z, married to Beyoncé.

Famous Australian Carters include ornithologist Thomas Carter who found many bird specimens; entomologist Herbert Carter, beetle expert; physicist Brandon Carter, known for his work on black holes; photographer and film-maker Jeff Carter; influential businessman Bruce Carter; and high jumper Doris Carter, the first Australian female track and field athlete to make the Olympic finals.

Carter has been used as a personal name since at least the 17th century, and usually given to males. Famous namesakes include Carter Braxton, one of the signatories to the United States Declaration of Independence, and Carter Woodson, the African-American historian considered to be the father of Black History Month in the US.

An influential fictional character with the surname Carter is John Carter of Mars, an immortal Southern Virginian gentleman created by Edgar Rice Burroughs: practically every sci-fi adventure story since owes a debt to him. There’s also dime novel detective Nick Carter, and mob enforcer Jack Carter, from the cult film Get Carter.

Fictional characters with Carter as a first name include superheroes such as Carter Grayson from the Power Rangers, Carter Hall, otherwise known as the Hawkman, and Carter Slade, the original Ghost Rider. There’s also Carter Kane from Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, a powerful teenage magician and the human host of the Egyptian god Horus.

In the US, Carter has been on the Top 1000 almost continuously for boys since the late 19th century. It has been climbing since 1980, joined the Top 100 for the first time in 2004, and is currently #24.

Carter began charting for girls in 2013, and is currently #533. Two female Carters from popular culture are tomboy Carter Mason in the Disney movie Princess Protection Program, played by Selena Gomez, and rebellious Carter Wilson, on the teen drama series Finding Carter.

In the UK, Carter has been in the Top 500 since the late 1990s and has been generally rising since 1999, rising steadily since 2010. It is currently #118, so not far outside the Top 100. Carter is a popular name in Northern Ireland, and is most popular in New Zealand, where it is #20 and rising. It only charts as a female name in the US.

In Australia, Carter debuted in the Top 100 in 2014, and last year went up 19 places to #79, making it one of the fastest rising names of 2015. Carter debuted at #83 in New South Wales, being one of the fastest rising names in the state, and was #39 in Queensland.

Carter fits right in with the surname trend, as well as with the other rising AR names, like Archer, Arlo, and Harvey. It sounds sleek and tailored, but also rugged and manly – a tough-talking guy who looks good in a suit. Like Carter? Join the club.

Carter received an approval rating of 71%. 42% of people thought it was okay, but only 8% loved it.

Name Update: Nothing Better Than Ezra




Bianca and Daniel were expecting their second child, and had their name list in place, but as time went on Bianca continued assessing the list, until she wondered if she was over-thinking things.

If the baby was a boy, Eli was top of their list, and it was Daniel’s favourite choice. Bianca worried that Eli didn’t sound quite right with their son’s name, but also wasn’t sure what people would think of their other choices.

Bianca and Daniel welcomed their second son a short while ago, and they have named him


baby brother to Arlo.

In the end they decided that Ezra was a better match with Arlo, and more their naming style. The name Ezra grew on Daniel as the weeks went by, and it was his suggestion to choose it, so the decision-making was very harmonious.

Bianca wants to thanks everyone who voted in the polls, as they really did help Bianca and Daniel with their choice.

Congratulations to Bianca and Daniel on the birth of their youngest son! Arlo and Ezra sound brilliant together, and there was overwhelming support from the public for the name, so I think this will be a very popular choice.

(Picture of plate from etsy)

Fauve Florentine and Magdalena Artemis


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Alicia and Asher – girl/boy
Arli and Isaiah – both boys
Axel and Soan – both boys
Clinton and Cedric
Gemma and Tristan (Ethan)

Amity Phoenix
Angelina Faith
Ayla Gisele
Bobbie May
Chanel Victoria
Ciara Frances
Danica Eloise
Faith Rosalie
Fauve Florentine
Flora Rosalind
Georgia Grace “Gigi”
Jarrah Siale Susan
Joslyn Demi (Heidi)
Kristen Bella
Lucinda Ellen “Lulu”
Lydia Jewell
Mae Catherine
Magdalena Artemis
Maisie Ruth
Margot Jane
Mary Elsa
Mason Lois
Nora Lillian
Pearl Maeve
Regan “Reggie”
River Charlotte
Shea Kelsey Patricia (Cameron)
Tatjana Aroha Cecilia
Thea Mary
Zaylee Peta (Xavier)

Alaric Wayne
Archer Ray
Asher Heath
Austen Jack
Avery Harper (Ethan)
Ben Brian (Mark, Claire)
Cade Archer
Corbyn Beau
Cruz Sonny
Dante Mateo
Dash Grahame
Elvis David
Harvey Niall
Jax Bernie
Jett Xander
Julius Beaudean
Lawson Ellis
Lorenzo Frank
Madden Phoenix
Marcus Ivo
Mitchell Rohan
Monty Jay
Myles Harry
Percy John
Phoenix Brooklyn
Sawyer Michael
Taj Oscar
Tobias Siegfried “Tobi”
Tommy Dean
Xander Charles (Skylar)

(Photo shows red kangaroos in the outback)