Bianca and Daniel were expecting their second child, and had their name list in place, but as time went on Bianca continued assessing the list, until she wondered if she was over-thinking things.

If the baby was a boy, Eli was top of their list, and it was Daniel’s favourite choice. Bianca worried that Eli didn’t sound quite right with their son’s name, but also wasn’t sure what people would think of their other choices.

Bianca and Daniel welcomed their second son a short while ago, and they have named him


baby brother to Arlo.

In the end they decided that Ezra was a better match with Arlo, and more their naming style. The name Ezra grew on Daniel as the weeks went by, and it was his suggestion to choose it, so the decision-making was very harmonious.

Bianca wants to thanks everyone who voted in the polls, as they really did help Bianca and Daniel with their choice.

Congratulations to Bianca and Daniel on the birth of their youngest son! Arlo and Ezra sound brilliant together, and there was overwhelming support from the public for the name, so I think this will be a very popular choice.

(Picture of plate from etsy)