Radio host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, and his wife Lisa, welcomed their first child on February 6 and have named their son Theodore George Jack, to be known as “Teddy“. Michael announced Teddy’s name on air on February 9. Michael is co-host on Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa, with fellow celebrity dad, Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald. Lisa apparently liked the name Hugo, but Michael vetoed it because Ryan’s oldest son is named Hewston, nicknamed “Hewie“, and he feared the mockery should the radio partners have sons named Hewie and Hugo.

Sports broadcaster Tiffany Cherry welcomed her daughter Vivienne on January 1 at 8.31 pm, Epworth Freemason’s Hospital in Melbourne [pictured]. Vivienne was conceived with IVF using an international sperm donor. Tiffany has worked as a sports broadcaster in Australia and the US, and set up the Melbourne bureau of ESPN. She was the AFL’s first female boundary rider on Fox Footy, and been a host for the 2000 Olympics, 2008 Australian Open, 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and the 2012 Olympics. Trained in sports medicine, Tiffany is a hurdler who has represented Australia internationally, and has been Cathy Freeman’s training partner.