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American reality TV star Audrina Partridge, and her fiance, Australian dirt bike rider Corey Bohan, welcomed their first child on June 25 and have named their daughter Kirra Max. Audrina starred in the MTV reality TV series The Hills, and briefly had her own spin-off show, Audrina; she now hosts a late-night travel show. Corey has been a professional BMX dirt bike rider since 2002 and was the first athlete to win in three consecutive years at the X Games – in 2004, 2005, and 2006. He took part in one episode of The Hills, and met Audrina during filming. Kirra is a beach from Corey’s home state of Queensland, while Max is the current unisex darling for celebrities to choose for daughters.

Balinese actor Kadek Mahardika and his Australian wife Laura recently welcomed their second child and have named their son Lenny, a brother for Mila [pictured]. When he was born they couldn’t decide between Jordy and Lenny so they chose the name using the “rock scissors paper” method – apparently Laura’s choice won. Kadek is best known for his role of Ketut, Rhonda’s Balinese holiday romance in the popular “Rhonda and Ketut” series of advertisements for AAMI car insurance.