Comedian and Triple M radio host, Merrick Watts, and his wife, former PR manager Georgie Sulzberger, welcomed their daughter Kinga Rose on December 30. Kinga joins big brother Wolfe, aged three.

Kinga is a Polish pet form of the name Kunigunde, a German name meaning “family war”. Saint Kinga is one of the patrons of Poland, and Georgie’s family background is Polish, so the name honours her heritage. According to the newspaper article, they will be pronouncing her name KEEN-gah.

Merrick says that his mother isn’t a fan of her new grand-daughter’s name, but luckily doesn’t seem too fazed by that.

The newspaper article decided to use this opportunity to list some of the “quirky” celebrity baby names of 2011. Making the list were Poet Poppin Nicholson, Arlo Galafassi, Sailor Denyer and Hudson Stone.

They then contrasted this with the “mainstream” choices of Faith Kidman Urban, Flynn Bloom, Ruby Murch, Bobby Cousins and Oscar Judd.

Kinga Rose is the final celebrity baby for 2011; it’s been a bumper year for babies, but we are expecting quite a few during the summer and early autumn, so stay tuned!

(Story and photo from the Herald Sun, December 30 2011; photo shows Merrick, Georgie and Wolfe)