Political reporter Hugh Riminton, and his wife, TV journalist Mary Lloyd, welcomed their daughter Holly May on December 27. Holly has older sisters named Caitlin and Coco, and a big brother Jacob who is 2 and a half years old.

Hugh has had a distinguished career in TV journalism, often working as a foreign correspondent, and has won several awards. He is currently Political Editor for Ten News, and also hosts political interview show, Meet the Press. He married long-time partner Mary Lloyd in December last year; the wedding was held in Cambodia.

According to Hugh’s Twitter account, he found a four-leaf clover in his garden on his first wedding anniversary while expecting the baby. I wonder they didn’t think of calling her Clover, which would fit in with her sisters also having names starting with C. I guess Holly as a Christmas name won out, or perhaps Clover is too strongly identified with the mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore.

(Story and photo from the Herald Sun, December 30 2011)