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Eloise and George were expecting their second child in a month, and still hadn’t picked a name for him. They wanted something strong and masculine, preferably something English or Scottish to complement their daughter’s name.

Eloise and George welcomed their son about a month ago, and decided to call him

ANGUS, nicknamed GUS,

baby brother to Arabella.

Angus wasn’t one of their front-runners, and Eloise describes it as a “dark horse” that they rarely talked about. However, it was a name that nobody else they knew had used, and they loved Gus as the nickname. I remember that Angus was a name that Eloise said she liked, but George wasn’t as keen at the time, so this is another example of a dad who had a change of heart on a name.

Congratulations to Eloise and George on the birth of Angus! They found that perfect Scottish name, and the nickname Gus is adorable.