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Atlas Bram 2 Months Old

Fellow Australian name blogger Brooke Cussans from Baby Name Pondering welcomed her son on October 30 last year. Born five and a half weeks premature, he weighed just 1.6 kg (3lb 8oz), and his size made Brooke hesitate in giving him the name they had chosen. However, her husband had no such reservations, and so their baby boy is


Brooke says that Atlas may be small, but he is strong and healthy, and she is glad she stuck with the chosen name.

Brooke dropped a hint that she was planning to use a boy’s name that she had featured on her blog, and after reading through the most recent names, I had a feeling she was going to choose Atlas – from the way she wrote about it, it sounded like a name under serious consideration.

Brooke will let us know in time how she and her husband came to choose their son’s names, and as Atlas was born just before Halloween, I can’t help wondering if Bram is a nod to Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. Brooke has a special connection to Halloween and horror, which makes me think Atlas wasn’t born too early, but at exactly the right time.

Congratulations to Brooke and her husband on the birth of Atlas! We couldn’t be happier for them that their baby dreams have come true at last, and Atlas Bram is not just a strong and handsome name, but an incredibly stylish and cool one as well.