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Emma and Dane were expecting a baby boy, and were having their baby name discussions sidetracked by the middle name issue. Emma wanted the name Michael, to honour Dane’s beloved grandfather, while Dane thought it would be easier not to have any middle name at all.

Blog readers (and the blog author herself) were not on board with the no-middle-name plan, and gave it a decisive thumbs down. However, there were many suggestions as how grandfather could be honoured without using the name Michael.

When Emma and Dane’s son arrived, they gave him the name


Spencer was Dane’s first choice for his son’s name, while Moses was grandpa Michael’s Hebrew name. They found a way to honour grandfather’s memory without using the name Michael, and Emma would like to thank us for our help and advice.

Congratulations to Emma and Dane on the birth of Spencer Moses, who has a handsome and meaningful middle name which connects him to his great-grandfather and his heritage! Remember that there are many ways to solve a middle name dilemma, but neglecting to choose a middle name altogether is not a desirable option.

(Photo shows Charlton Heston as Moses in The Ten Commandments).