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Will the Name Elsa Continue Growing in Popularity?
Nearly everyone (91%) thought that Elsa would keep becoming more popular. 54% thought it would probably become more popular, while 37% were absolutely sure that it would. 9% thought it probably wouldn’t become more popular, and nobody was definitely sure that it wouldn’t.

Will Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman Affect the Popularity of the Name Atticus?
Most people (73%) didn’t think the book would affect the popularity of the name Atticus. 49% of people thought the name Atticus would become less popular for a while, but popularity would recover once the fuss over the book died down. 24% didn’t think it would make any difference, and Atticus would continue growing in popularity at the same rate. Of the 27% of people who thought its popularity would be affected, 23% thought it would steadily become less popular, while 4% believed it would become totally unusable.

Favourite Name Trend for 2016
People’s favourite baby name trend trend for 2016 was names that sound equally good on babies and the elderly, gaining 43% of the vote. Their least favourite was 1950s names, which 11% of people voted for.

Should Grandparents Be Part of the Baby Naming Process?
Most people (62%) thought that grandparents should be free to make baby name suggestions, but with no expectation that they would be followed. However, a significant minority (36%) felt that they should stay out of the baby naming process altogether. 2% thought that grandparents should be allowed to veto a name they hated that was very strange, and one person thought that if grandparents wanted to choose the baby name, they could pay for the privilege. Nobody was in favour of grandparents being given significant input into the baby naming process.

What Should the New Royal Baby Be Called?
People’s favourite choices for a princess were Alice, Victoria, and Eleanor. 10% of people voted for Elizabeth, and 9% voted for Charlotte, the next two most popular choices. Nobody voted for the names Sophie or Maria. 3% of people felt that the royal couple should start a new trend in baby names. If the baby had been a prince instead, people voted to name him Arthur, Frederick, or Alfred, while the names William and Andrew received no votes at all. 4% of people thought the royal couple should start their own trend in baby names.

The Fastest Rising Popular Names of 2014
People’s favourite fastest rising names were Hazel, gaining 38% of the vote, and Maxwell, gaining 27% of the vote (George was close behind on 26%). Hazel and Maxwell were the fastest-rising names of the year, so now you know how names get to rise the fastest! The least favourite were Ariana (7%), and a tie between Harvey and Nate (15%).

The #1 Baby Names of All Time
People’s favourite #1 boy’s name was William, gaining 21% of the vote, and Jack was very close behind on 20%. The least favourite was Michael, which only one person voted for. People’s favourite #1 girl’s name was Charlotte, gaining 20% of the vote. The least favourite was Michelle, which nobody voted for.

Would You Consider Creating A New Surname For Your Child?
Most people (67%) would not consider creating a new surname for their child. 36% approved of the idea, but felt it just wasn’t right for them, while 31% didn’t like the idea. Of the remaining 33%, 25% were interested in the idea, and wouldn’t rule it out, and 7% would seriously consider it. One person said they had already chosen this option.

What Do You Think of Celebrities Giving Their Daughters “Masculine” Names?
34% of people were strongly against this trend, with 2% feeling seriously angered, worried, or stressed about it. 23% of people were in favour, with 21% thinking it was fantastic, and believing we should all be allowed to choose whatever names we liked. 42% of people weren’t concerned about it, with 22% not caring since it was none of their business, and 20% believing the issue had been blown out of proportion. One person said that they were not aware of this issue.

Would You Change Your Mind About a Possible Baby Name If a Celebrity Used it for a Child of the Opposite Sex?
The poll was very even – 51% of people said no, while 16% said yes, and 33% said maybe. That means around half of all people would at least think about changing their minds about a name on their name list if a celebrity chose it for an opposite sex child. That’s despite more than 40% of people not being concerned about the names that celebrities choose, so the numbers don’t quite add up there!

So what does the average blog reader think about names?

They like the fastest-rising names Hazel and Maxwell, but are less thrilled about Ariana, Harvey, and Nate increasing in popularity. They like currently popular names William, Jack, and Charlotte, but don’t think much of 1970s favourites like Michael and Michelle. They know that Elsa will keep going up in popularity, and they’re pretty sure Atticus will as well.

They wish the royal baby could have received a Victorian-era name like Alice or Arthur (but presumably approve the choice of Charlotte). They hope that a new baby name trend for 2016 will be giving children names that age well, but aren’t so impressed with the idea of 1950s names coming back just yet.

They are fairly open to hearing baby name suggestions from their parents, but won’t allow them to dictate to them. They won’t create a new surname for their baby, but don’t mind if other people choose this option. And although they don’t really care what celebrities name their children, there’s a fair chance that it will still influence their own choice of baby name!