Best Baby Names
In the Waltzing With … category, Anna, Lucinda, Rosemary, Victoria, Felix, Ignatius, Lachlan, and Matthew were all top-rated names. This category is easy to get a good score in, and almost all the names received an approval rating of 75% or more.

In the Famous Name category, Eleanor, Margot, Rosalie, Charles, Flynn, Hugh, Jasper, and Malcolm were the top-rated names. This is a tough category to do well in, so only a small proportion of names make it through.

From the Name Lists, the favourite names selected were Carys, Daphne, Eloise, Fern, Magnolia, Margaret, Marigold, Odessa, Thea, Arden, Arlo, Augustus, Bear, Desmond, Emmett, Linden, Linus, Otis, Otto, and Winston.

Good Baby Names
I always feel bad for the names which just miss out on that 75% score. Names which scored 70% or more included Ceridwen, Georgina, Beau, Darcy, and David.

Then there are those which had a solid score of 60-70% – which I tend to think is a pretty good place to be. These are often names that people admire, but are less likely to choose themselves. They included Aurora, Diana, Liberty, Obelia, Winifred, Atlas, and Milo.

Names which scored a pass mark of 50% or more included Birdie, Jedda, Paris, Bowie, Duke, Howard, Jacob, Martin, Philip, and Quentin.

Neglected Baby Names
These are the names which for one reason or another were not highly favoured by blog readers. They tended to be unusual names (perhaps a little too ahead of the trends for most), or else rather out of fashion at present.

They were Ariel, Beulah, Bronwyn, Bunty, Cinderella, Dolores, Ilma, Melody, Michelle, Mississippi, Mitzi, Pamela, Rapunzel, Shiseido, Vienna, Vogue, Waratah, Zenouska, Bryce, Christmas, Cuba, Django, Errol, Garfield, Guelph, Guy, Hobart, Humphrey, Kingsley, Norman, Pluto, Richard, Rocket, Rudolf, Slater, Warrior, and Zot.

Although I don’t keep a list of “worst baby names” (it would be a bit mean), the names with the lowest ratings for 2015 were Disney names Cinderella and Pluto, and only one person liked the royal name Guelph.