Aimee wrote in to the blog because she and her husband were expecting a baby girl, and she wasn’t sure if the names she liked went with their son’s name, Oscar. Her husband having vetoed Eloise, Aimee’s favourite name, her next choice was Scarlett – but was Scarlett a clash with Oscar?

I thought Oscar and Scarlett sounded perfectly fine, and readers agreed, with almost half thinking they made a good match, and 91% in favour of choosing this combination.

After reading my response and looking at the poll results, Aimee soon made her decision, and when their daughter arrived early this month, there was no hesitation in naming her


baby sister to Oscar.

Congratulations to Aimee’s family on the birth of their daughter, and how nice when we can solve someone’s dilemma that easily!

(Picture of rag dolls from etsy)