Reality TV contestants Dale and Sophie Vine recently welcomed their first child, and have named their son Van Byron. The papers have speculated that perhaps Van’s name was inspired by a road trip the Vines went on in September, where they drove an old van to Byron Bay. Another humorous suggestion is that the initials VB immortalise Dale’s love of VB (Victoria Bitter) beer. Nobody seems to have commented on the fact that Van Vine is a bit of an odd tongue-twister.

Dale and Sophie competed on renovation show The Block in 2012; Dale has also taken part in The Block All Stars in 2013, and Block Fans vs Faves this year. Dale has started his own Block news parody, called Dale-e News, appeared as a presenter on Postcards and Getaway, and been a guest panellist on ManSpace. Dale is the face of CAT clothing and workwear and APCO service stations, and an ambassador for Holmesglen Institute, where he completed his Landscaping apprenticeship.