Scarlett wrote in to the blog as she was suffering from a severe case of baby name regret. She and her partner Toby had been through a very stressful time when naming their daughter about a year ago, and selected the name Evelyn in a muddled and miserable state.

Ever since, Scarlett has felt that the name Evelyn was ruined for her by the very process of choosing the name, and it never felt right to her. She wanted to change her daughter’s name to Eve – a small change that would be easy for others to adjust to. However, while Toby wasn’t against the idea, he worried that making the name change official could be embarrassing for them.

Since writing in to the blog, Scarlett and Toby have started calling their daughter Eve, and have sent away their application for a legal change of name to the birth registry. It has been an easy and natural transition, and for the first time, Scarlett is proud to introduce her daughter, instead of feeling shy and diffident when saying her name.

Scarlett has written in to say thank you for the support she received, and how wonderful that the situation has been resolved so easily. Naming mistakes can often be fixed, so if your baby’s name is making you desperately unhappy, there is something you can do about it.