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Kate and Steve were expecting their third child, and since they received help at Waltzing More Than Matilda when naming #2, thought it was worthwhile to try us again.

If the baby was a boy, both Kate and Steve were keen on the name Ted for him. However, Kate’s mum didn’t think Ted was a “proper” name, and that a more formal option was necessary for the birth certificate.

Kate wondered whether her mum was right, but after writing into the blog she felt a lot more confident about their decision, and when their baby boy was born, he was named


baby brother to Madeline and Lewis.

Kate and Steve have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the name Ted; most people have been a little surprised by the name, but in a good way. The midwives at the hospital told Kate that they have seen a few Teds born lately, so Kate thinks it must be a name on the rise – I agree with the midwives, as I see it fairly regularly in birth notices now.

If Ted had been a girl, his name would have been Rose Eleanor, and Kate loves the name so much that she feels a tiny bit sad that they won’t be having any more children, because baby Ted has completed their family. There’s so often that name you never get to use!

Congratulations Kate and Steve! Ted is such a great name, and it sounds as if everyone else thinks so too.

(Picture shows Winnie-the-Pooh alphabet figurine)