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We haven’t had a historical sibset in a while, and as we looked at Diamantina Bowen’s name on Wednesday, I thought it might be interesting to see the names of Sir George and Lady Bowen’s children.

Adelaide DiamantinaNina” – born 1858 in the Ionian Islands, Greece

Zoe Caroline – born 1860 in Brisbane, Australia

Agnes Herbert – born 1862 in Brisbane, Australia

George William Howard – born 1864 in Brisbane, Australia

Alfreda Ernestina Albertina – born 1869 in Auckland, New Zealand

The Bowens also had a son who was born in the Ionian Islands, and died after just twelve days.

Nina Bowen married a Queensland grazier named Allan Campbell, but they lived in London, not Australia. Nina’s daughter was named Diamantina Isabella, so Lady Bowen had a granddaughter named in her honour. Isabella was the name of Allan Campbell’s mother.

Diamantina Campbell was born in 1881, twelve years before Diamantina Bowen passed away.


People’s favourite names of the Bowen siblings were Adelaide Diamantina “Nina” and Zoe Caroline, which each got 40% of the vote. The least favourite name was Agnes Herbert, which only one person voted for.

(Picture of the Bowens from Old Government House)