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Jools and her husband are expecting a baby in a few weeks, and have elected not to find out the sex in advance. If the baby is a boy they are all set, having easily decided on a name. However, girls’ names seem a bit trickier. Jools would like something that isn’t too popular, but isn’t too different either.

Their list so far is:

  • Sc@rlett Elle
  • H@rlow Eve
  • Mill@ Rose

Jools and her husband already have a little boy named J@sper (he has a modern middle name that makes his name seem quite “cowboy cool”), and their surname starts with F and ends in N.

Jools would like to know what people think of the names they have come up with so far, and if there are any names similar to these that they might prefer.


I think the names you’ve already picked are perfectly fine – they’re pretty, fashionable, modern names that are familiar to everyone from their Hollywood associations, but none of them are crazy popular as yet. They all seem okay with your surname, and I can imagine them as sisters to your son.

To me, Scarlett sounds best with your surname and the best match with J@sper, although for some reason Sc@rlett Elle doesn’t quite gel as a name combination – the two names seem to run into each other a little too much, maybe. I’d probably prefer the middle name to start with a consonant, such as May or Louise (just as examples). To me that sounds a bit crisper and more defined.

Milla is a lovely name, and the name combination you’ve chosen very attractive. However, if you were concerned about popularity, then Harlow is the least common of the names – although I’m pretty sure it’s scorching up the charts, and will be in the Top 100 within a few years.

Basically you could go with whichever of these you like best, but the fact you’re still looking for names suggests that you are not completely satisfied with any of them. You’ve still got a few weeks, so consider a wide range of names and step outside your comfort zone a bit. Then, if you don’t like any of them, you can go back to your original list with more confidence.

Here’s a few names to think about:

If you like Scarlett, you may like:

  • Bonnie – this is another name from Gone with the Wind; Bonnie was Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter. I think it sounds sweet and pretty, yet not frilly or sugary. It’s never been in the Top 100, but I think it will be there in a year or three.
  • Russet – it’s another surname that means “red”, and has the same T-ending as Scarlett, but it’s very rare and much more daring.
  • Sadie – to me this sounds like another “Southern belle” type name; it’s getting quite hip, but still isn’t popular at all. Like Scarlett was around 15 years ago.

If you like Harlow you may like:

  • Cleo – similar sound and references another famous woman known for her beauty. Like Harlow, it’s getting very fashionable, but not popular yet.
  • Meadow – this is another American-style name which is very underused in Australia. It may seem slightly out-there. Just like Harlow did a few years back.
  • Marlowe – this is the name of Sienna Miller’s new daughter, and it’s bound to become a “hot” name – just like Harlow did after Nicole Richie and Joel Madden chose it for their daughter.

If you like Milla you might like:

  • Millie – I really love this one as a match with your son’s name. It’s a cute name, and others must agree, as it climbed 90 places last year.
  • Milea – pronounced mi-LAY-uh, this name sounds European and sophisticated, just like Milla. Its origins are equally ambiguous.
  • Willa – a fashionable celebrity baby name just starting to chart in the US. It has an Aussie connection, because willa is an Aboriginal word for “woman”.

Wild Card Suggestions

  • Airlie
  • Avalon
  • Blythe
  • Charlize
  • Coco
  • Mika
  • Milana
  • Monroe
  • Tempest
  • Willow

Readers, which name do you like best that would fit with Jools’ requirements? And can you think of any other names in a similar style she might like?

NOTE: The baby’s name was Milla Harlow!