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Last Saturday, the Christmas in the Park celebrations were held in Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast. They had a real live baby playing baby Jesus in the nativity play, with the baby’s real life parents, Luke and Sarah Quinn, playing the roles of Joseph and Mary, and his grandfather Gary Quinn providing music in the band.

The baby’s name is Hosea Courage Quinn. Hosea is from a Hebrew name meaning “salvation”; it is the name of one of the Biblical prophets. The Quinns chose it for its meaning.

The middle name Courage was chosen by Hosea’s father, because “it’s good to have something to live up to”. Virtue names are very much back in vogue, and this one sounds strong and quite masculine.

I think Hosea Courage Quinn is a very striking name, with a neo-Puritan ring to it. It’s one that sticks in my mind.

(Story and photo from Coolum and North Shore News, December 16 2011)