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Last year we featured celebrity mum, Rosanna Mangiarelli, who took maternity leave from Channel 7’s current affairs show, Today Tonight, after the birth of her second daughter, Olivia.

The Today Tonight presenter that Rosanna took over from was Leigh McClusky, who was the show’s anchor from 1995 to 2007. She left when she became pregnant with twins, and later founded her own media and public relations firm in Adelaide. Leigh is currently the host of SA Life, a lifestyle show promoting South Australia. On her team of presenters is Michael Keelan, Grant Cameron, Briony Hume, Rosa Matto, and Pete Michell.

In 2000, Leigh married Simon Haigh, owner of Haigh’s Chocolates. This family-owned boutique chocolate business was started by Simon’s great-great grandfather, Alfred Ernest Haigh in 1915, and continued on by his son Claude. He left the business to John, Simon’s father, who trained in Switzerland, and now Simon and his brother Alister run the business together.

The family motto? “If you’re born a Haigh, you eat dark chocolate,” says Simon.

I’m so glad I am not writing this story at the age of six, for I would have cried with jealousy at children who had a dad with his own chocolate factory, and where you inherit a family tradition of eating dark chocolate.

Now grown-up, and unable even to finish my Valentine chocolates without generous assistance, I feel I can press on without too many tears.

The Haighs chocolate-inheriting children are:

Murdoch (born 2002)

Sigourney (born 2006)

Jock and Tansy (born December 2007, and 18 months younger than Sigourney)

The twins were born with the help of IVF, and according to Leigh, made their different personalities apparent even as new babies – Jock serious, Tansy laid-back.

There’s a Scottish theme going with the boy’s names, suitable for sons of someone named McClusky. Interestingly for the son of a journalist, Murdoch also has the name of a famous family of media magnates; most of us will have heard of Keith Rupert Murdoch, so often in the news recently because of his newspaper, The Sun. Leigh never seems to have worked for the Murdochs, so it may just be a coincidence. Jock seems to have been given the Scottish version of the popular boy’s name Jack.

Sigourney reminds us of American actress Sigourney Weaver. Ms Weaver’s real name was Susan, and she chose Sigourney as a stage name from an off-page character barely mentioned in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Mrs Sigourney Howard, who is the aunt of the sporting Jordan Baker. It’s a surname occasionally used as a first name, often for males. Because of the actress and the classic novel, it seems very American, although Sigourney Weaver is of Scottish heritage too.

Tansy is the name of a bitter and toxic herb, considered useful in cooking, gardening and medicine for thousands of years. It has cheery yellow flowers, and is a good companion plant as it keeps away insects. A tansy is also a type of sweet omelette pudding, flavoured with the herb; British comedian Sue Perkins got slightly poisoned eating one on the entertaining Supersizers Go … series. The plant grows abundantly wild in Scotland.

(Both photos from the Herald Sun archives).