Sammie wrote in to the blog when she and her husband James had trouble agreeing on a name for their second child. Originally from the UK, Sammie wanted an English-style name to match their son’s name, but Australian James had firm ideas of his own.

Sammie had always felt that they were going to have a boy, and even though her instincts had let her down in the past, this time they were right on target. They welcomed their second son last month, and for three days he went without a name.

Sammie and James had three names they were thinking of, and they tried each of them out in turn. They even took their newborn baby down to the shops, and when strangers asked for his name, they gave them a different one each time to see how they reacted.

However, one name in particular just stuck, and seemed to suit their son’s sweet nature perfectly, and so he is


little brother to Alfie.

Sammie had always loved the name Ted, but they already had a grown-up Ted in the family, so had crossed the name off their list. However, they decided to just get over it, because Ted is so obviously their son’s name, and Alfie loves having a real life “teddy bear”.

Sammie suggests that parents who aren’t sure what to name their new baby should wait for them to arrive, then trial a few names until one fits. Little Ted had his name thoroughly road-tested, and it worked out fantastically!

Congratulations to Sammie and James on choosing the perfect name for their son, which is such a great match with Alfie. Apart from Sammie’s excellent advice, this is a reminder that when there is a Big Obvious Reason why you have to cross a favourite name off your list, it may not be the problem that you imagined.