Jane and Dylan were less than two weeks away from welcoming their second child when Jane wrote into the blog having last-minute name nerves. They had more or less decided on Finn for a boy and Eve for a girl, but Jane didn’t feel 100% sure they had chosen the right names.

Jane and Dylan’s second daughter was born a week ago, and they had no problem at all in naming her


sister to Lila.

Jane feels very comfortable with the choice they made, and everyone has commented on what a lovely name it is and how great Lila and Eve sound together. A few people said they had seen a movie on Netflix called Lila and Eve (Jennifer Lopez plays Eve), so obviously the film-maker thinks the names sound good together as well!

Congratulations to Jane and Dylan on their baby girl, and thank you to everyone for voting on the polls and leaving comments. That validation really helped Jane feel better about her decision.