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Sarah and Rupert always agreed that their first daughter would be named Isabella. However, when Isabella soared in popularity, they chose the name Isabel instead. Sarah wrote in to the blog just days before giving birth, having some serious name jitters and wondering if she’d picked the right name after all.

I suggested that Sarah and Rupert wait until the baby was born before making a final decision, and when their daughter arrived in February 2013 they decided to stick with their choice, and now have a little girl named


Unfortunately, Sarah continued to have some anxieties over the name Isabel. But she kept re-reading the post about Isabel’s name, which reminded her of all the good reasons she had originally chosen it, and in time the doubts subsided.

Sarah now loves her daughter’s name just as much as she did at the beginning, and it suits Isabel perfectly. Even the spelling seems exactly right for her – she’s a strong and determined girl, and not at all a fragile “belle”! Sarah and Rupert rarely shorten her name, because Isabel is fine as it is.

Congratulations to Sarah and Rupert on their daughter, and for getting her name right even while worrying they had got it wrong. It’s a good reminder that sometimes it takes a while to settle into a name and get used to it, and just because you have a few initial misgivings, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have made a mistake.

And some exciting news: Sarah and Rupert are expecting a brother or sister for Isabel next year! Maybe we’ll hear from them again.