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Kristel and David were expecting a baby girl – to their great surprise and delight, as they had been told they would not be able to have children. There was just one name they both agreed on, but Kristel wrote in to the blog because she was worried they might have chosen the wrong name. Not only was it very popular, but it was just one syllable long, and people told them it was too short with their one-syllable surname.

Kristel and Dave’s daughter arrived on July 14 weighing 2.8 kg and with wisps of blonde hair. They didn’t rush in to choosing a name, but got to know her for a few days first. It soon became apparent there could be only one name for her, the name they had always loved and wanted from the beginning, so she is called


with Audrey a middle name shared with three generations.

They couldn’t be happier with their precious girl, and with her name, which suits her so well. Kristel would like to thank everyone for helping them, and nearly all who responded to their story encouraged them to choose the name they loved best.

Congratulations to Kristel and David!