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Mia and Lachlan were expecting a baby girl any day when Mia wrote in to the blog. It was her second time writing in, as she asked for help in 2013 with her second son. As Mia and Lachlan aren’t planning any more children, she really felt that this name had to be perfect.

Mia and Lachlan’s daughter was born on August 27, weighing 6lb 7oz (2.9 kg). As soon as they placed her on Mia’s chest, she knew what her name was – it was Lou. Lachlan agreed, but both of them felt that Lou was not quite enough for a full name, and they needed something more substantial and more feminine for their only girl.

Mia liked the name Louella, but it didn’t seem right for her Lou. Then Mia’s mum made a suggestion, and it fit perfectly. It wasn’t too frilly and fussy, it had an American vibe like their sons’ names, and it wasn’t a common way to get to Lou. And so they called her


sister to Bugsy and Jem.

Lachlan pointed out that Tallulah is a character in the movie Bugsy Malone (played by Jodie Foster), which made Mia slightly worried. But when she asked for other people’s opinions, most said they wouldn’t even notice the connection. Dorothy was the middle name that meant the most to them, as it was an important name on both sides of the family.

Congratulations to Mia and Lachlan, and their happily-named complete little family – Bugsy, Jem, and Lou.