Lydia and Oliver weren’t planning on more children after they had Archer and Cleo – but then they received a delightful surprise, with the news that they would be having another girl. Although lots of names were up for discussion, the two front runners were Edie and Quinn, and Lydia wrote in to the blog to ask what people thought of their choices.

The baby arrived early this year, and they chose the name fairly easily. The middle name was going to be Joy, but Oliver didn’t like that, and he made a suggestion that Lydia really liked, so her name is


little sister to Archer and Cleo.

The only issue has been is that Edie was born with health problems that required emergency medical intervention, and has needed a lot of care in hospital. With so many doctors and nurses reading her name, Lydia is frustrated that they often mis-read it, and call her little girl “Eddie”. She is thinking of changing the spelling to Eadie to make the pronunciation more obvious. Apart from that, she is absolutely thrilled with Edie’s name, and of course, absolutely thrilled with her daughter, who has proved such a tough little fighter.

Congratulations to Lydia and Oliver, and may their little Edie Florence continue to grow and flourish as much her name suggests. It’s a gorgeous name, and isn’t the sibset of Archer, Cleo and Edie adorable? Blog readers voted Edie as their favourite choice for the baby, so I’m sure this will receive wide approval.