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Ashleigh and Dylan were interested to know if it would be legal to name their baby Duke, and also had several other names on their baby name short list.

However, Ash writes that they spent so long looking over their name list that in the end, none of them seemed right at all. A week before their son was born, they scrapped the list entirely, and started from scratch.

There was a name that Ash had liked for a boy as soon as she found out she was pregnant, but Dylan wasn’t keen. However, when they started their search anew, it was the first name he suggested, as in the intervening time, Dylan started to like the sound of it.

So when their son arrived a couple of weeks ago, his name was


little brother to IMOGEN.

I’m so glad Ash and Dylan had the courage to scrap their list and start again – there’s no point sticking with names you no longer like, and much better to change your mind before than have baby name regret after. And isn’t it great that Dylan had a change of heart? It shows that just because your partner says no to a name, it doesn’t always mean that’s their final answer.

Congratulations Ash and Dylan! I think Vincent is really handsome, and makes a great brother for Imogen.