Constance and Sean were expecting twin girls, and having problems co-ordinating their name styles. Connie had her heart set on the name Winter, which had a very special personal meaning for her, and Sean’s favourite name for a girl was Martha. However, Connie had received some negative feedback from others about the name Martha, and worried that Winter and Martha were not a good “match” as twin sisters.

After writing in to the blog and receiving lots of advice from readers, I’m happy to say that Connie and Sean made the most obvious choice, and have welcomed their little girls




two baby sisters for big brother Christian.

Connie says that although their names may not be a perfect match, they were both named with love and a little bit of compromise, each one of them receiving the favourite name of either their mother or father.

I think they have made a very wise and lovely choice – I love the spring-like Posie with Winter, especially for twins born at this time of winter, when it is still very cold, yet the first buds are on the trees, and you can feel spring in the air.

Connie also wanted to pass on thanks for the many people who offered their advice and support; it was greatly appreciated and very helpful.

(Picture shows primroses in the snow; photo from The Telegraph)