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Cassandra and Jason are expecting a baby brother for their daughter Daisy. When they first discovered Cassie was pregnant, they quickly settled on a name for a girl, but had nothing for boys. At their 20 week scan they discovered it was a boy this time, and they had no names chosen at all.

Cassie and Jason like the names Alfie and Lewis, but wonder if there is a boy’s name they can truly love, not just like. They would like a name that is old-fashioned but cool, and like surname names such as Harvey, and names that can be shortened to a nickname.

They would like something that isn’t too common (no Henry or Hugo or Charlie), but not too wacky either (Banjo has already been vetoed by Jason for this reason).

Cassie and Jason have a surname similar to Bloomer, and don’t want something with an OO sound in it, like Jude or Rupert, or something ending in an -er, like Sawyer. If it was not for this, Jude, Rupert, and Sawyer would all be considered as possibilities.

The middle name will either be Banks or Jack, both family names.

Cassie is looking for suggestions of boys’ names they might love with Daisy

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I like both Alfie and Harvey, and think they both sound great with your surname, and as a match with Daisy. Unfortunately Lewis breaks your rule against an OO sound

When you said you would love a name that was vintage and cool, and taking into account your name preferences, it struck me that you might like a boy’s name with a British vibe to it. Daisy is a popular name in England, so it seems as if a boy’s name that is doing well there too might be a nice match.

These are some vintage-style boys’ names that are all rising in England – some of them very steeply. That seemed to seal them as “cool”.

Albert (Alby, Bert, Bertie)
Alfred (Alfie, Freddie, Fred) – Alfred Banks is very dignified
August (Augie, Gus) – Daisy and Gus is very cute
Barnaby (Barney)
Frederick (Freddie, Fred) – I like this especially with your surname
Theodore (Theo, Ted, Teddy) – Daisy and Ted is adorable
Wilfred (Wilf, Will, Fred, Freddie)

You also said you liked the idea of a surname names. It’s harder to find vintage-style surnames like Harvey – Maxwell comes to mind, but shortens to Max which you might think is too common. However, these surname names are all rising in the UK, and some of them shorten to nicknames pretty easily.

Franklin (Frank)
Griffin (Griff, Finn) – I like this a lot with your surname
Marshall (Marsh)
Rafferty (Raff, Raffy) – I love Rafferty Jack!
Sullivan (Sully, Van)
Otis – I think Daisy and Otis sound really classy together

Out of these, my favourites would be

Albert Jack Bloomer (Daisy and Alby)
Alfred Banks Bloomer (Daisy and Alfie)
August Jack Bloomer (Daisy and Gus)
Frederick Jack Bloomer or Frederick Banks Bloomer (Daisy and Freddie)
Theodore Jack Bloomer or Theodore Banks Bloomer (Daisy and Ted or Daisy and Teddy)
Griffin Jack Bloomer or Griffin Banks Bloomer (Daisy and Griffin or Daisy and Griff)
Rafferty Jack Bloomer (Daisy and Rafferty, Daisy and Raffy)
Otis Jack Bloomer or Otis Banks Bloomer (Daisy and Otis)

I wonder if any of these might appeal to you? They seem like the kind of names that aren’t very common, but still familiar enough to fit in, and perhaps even gain admiration, in your circle.

UPDATE: The baby’s name is Lewis!

POLL RESULTS: The public’s top choices for the baby’s name were Theodore (27%) and Otis (26%).