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Melissa and Luke were considering the name Margot for their second child, if it was a girl. While Margot was Melissa’s first choice, Luke was worried that Margot could become a “trendy” name in the future, inspired by the popular Australian actress, Margot Robbie.

The couple wrote in to the blog to ask what people thought of the name Margot, and we must have been very persuasive, because Mel and Luke recently welcomed a baby girl and named her


little sister to Audrey.

Margot was a great favourite with the public, and a majority of people believed that Margot probably wouldn’t become trendy in the future, or couldn’t be trendy as it is already an established name. Mel says that the public response was very helpful, so thank you to everyone who took part; Margot’s name suits her perfectly already.

Congratulations to Mel and Luke! Margot is an elegant, sophisticated name, and a beautiful match with Audrey.