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Fiona and Brent had agreed on a list of boy’s names for their fourth child, but Fiona was still worried that Brent’s preference for names popular in his own era would mean their baby’s name would seem out of place next to his peers. After writing in to the blog, she felt reassured that the names they had chosen were still quite popular, and even rising in popularity. (It’s nice to know some parents are actually pleased to find out their favourite name is a popular one!).

Before their baby was born, Fiona and Brent chose the name John together, but decided to leave the middle name until they had met their son. After the baby was born, the nurse commented that her son was also named John – John Patrick. Later, a wardsmen told them that her father was named John, and his middle name was Patrick too. Patrick was also a name they had considered as either a first or a middle, and the encounters at the hospital confirmed that the right name was


youngest of three boys and one girl.

John is Fiona’s father’s middle name, and Francis is her grandmother’s maiden name, so her family is very pleased, and her dad terribly excited to have a little namesake. Fiona says her dad’s excitement and happiness has convinced her that they made the right choice.

Congratulations to Fiona and Brent! What a handsome name combination, and lovely name story to pass on.