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Boston and Phoenix

Edison Brave and Spencer Ace

Gypsy and Lulu

London and Cairo

Thor and Storm

Ziggy and Soul

Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald



Acacia Violet

Arden Glow Marsh

Azalea Pearl (Havana)


Camilla Elisabeth

Capri Amour

Cataleya Rose

Dru Magenta

Emily Beatrice (Madeleine)

Esha Viola Lorraine

Indiah Berry

Iolanthe Marceau Louwon (Siddy)

Kinga Florence

Lola Starr

Lucy Elsa

Marina Anne (Clancy)

Mila Danica

Mystique Bella Rose


Opal Jane

Sage Harper (Mason, Ruby)

Soleil Nova Minnie May

Tamsin Annabelle (Tessa)


Vesper Lucia



Akira Cheema

Arlo Breeze Wilson (Taylah)

Bowen Christopher

Eli Samuel (Tate, Asher)

Finlan Joshua (Fletcher)


Henry Nigel Gregory

Huon Lawson Mac (Lachlan)

Hurley Adam

Jarryd Usher

Jasper Fox

Jaxon Friend

Josiah Gideon (Jessie, Phoebe, Rebekah, Esther, David, Jonathan)

Kai Ringin

Kingston Blu

Ned Raymond (Olive, Henry, Edie)

Oliver Flannery

Quinn Ollie (Keeble)

Riordan Kade

Roc Roberts (Aina) – surname Storm

Shayden James

Sonny Jai

Ted Bradshaw

Vincent Tom

Zeke Noel (Joshua, Trent)

Note: Some of these names are from Bonds Baby Search 2014

(Picture shows Saint Matthew’s Anglican Church at Poonindie, near Port Lincoln in South Australia, at evening – the church was once part of an Aboriginal mission; photo by Jacqui Barker at Open ABC)