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Arya and Milly

Envy and Bliss

Faith and Harmony

Florence and Henry



Allura Unita


Antonia Jehanne

April Graves

Avoca Poppi Breeze

Caprice Evangelina

Diamond Skyy

Eadie Coco (Olive)

Elliot Sawyer

Gigi Pearl


Hallanah Bloom

Harlow Curl Curl

Havana Adele

Indigo Zahara

Lania Berylanne Serap

Lucy Gloria

Maisie Elma

Maniah Lee

Nevaeh Te Kapua Hou Taane


Sage Gaia


Xin Yan

Wynter Joy



Abel Winter

Albie Ace Bettenay

Carney Bear

Denver Reid

Gus Hugo (Finlay)

Harlem Justice

Hunter Stark

Kenzo Nathanael

Knox Anchor Waqa

Levi Colt

Maverick William

Maximus Danger

Oakley Zane (Addison)

Orion Corey Paul

Oscar Blyth (Tyson)

Pharrell Everett

Rafferty Andrew Sylvester (Archie, Hugo, Georgia, Isabella, Flynn)

Rocco Harley

Romeo Ari

Thor Summerton

Trace Arthur

Uriah Dean

Van Mackie

William Lark


Note: Many of these names are from Bonds Baby Search 2014 – you are welcome to search the database and send in your own favourite names for possible inclusion in a future post.

(Picture is of Curl Curl, a suburb in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney – the name is thought to be from an Aboriginal phrase meaning “the river of life”. Avoca is a beachside town in New South Wales named after a place in Ireland).