On Wednesday, we looked at the directions North and West as personal names, and I mentioned that there were many examples of both in Australian historical records. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at a selection of real life Australian names which contain either North or Northern in them.

North and Northern First Names

North Dorothy Alley (resided 1972 in Henty, Victoria)

North Victoria Allwinton (resided 1916 in North Perth)

Rev. North Ash (resided 1900 in North Sydney)

North Hildegard Bartholomew (resided 1937 in Sydney)

North Barter (born 1907 in Sydney)

North Veronica Best (resided 1972 in Corangamite, Victoria)

North Seabrook Bigg (born 1874 in Swan Hill, Victoria)

North Queensland Brady (resided 1925 in North Ipswich, Queensland; later moved to North Pine)

North Winifred Carter (born 1903 in Sydney)

North Chives (emigrated from the United Kingdom in 1932)

North Easton Cox (resided 1980 in Sydney)

North Adelaide Daly (born circa 1917 in South Australia)

North Overy Draggett (born circa 1872, died in Perth)

North Flood (born 1877 in Coonabarraban, New South Wales)

North Freeman Garnett (died in Western Australia)

North Gatehouse (died circa 1808)

North Minioa Graham (resided 1925 in Fremantle, Western Australia)

North Agnes Hayes (resided 1931 in East Melbourne)

North Catherine Howard (married 1925 in Queensland)

Mary Head North Kemp (emigrated 1951 from United Kingdom)

North Kite (died 1950 in Perth)

North Bethel Larry (resided 1977 in Somerset, Queensland)

North Matilda Lewis (resided 1930 in Sydney)

North Lone (died 1938 in Perth)

North Dalrymple Sutherland Macintosh (married 1890 in South Australia)

North Arm Ness (resided 1954 in Richdmond, New South Wales)

North Norman Richardson (resided 1949 in Melbourne)

North Pratt (died 1919 in Queensland)

North Australia Rose (born 1856)

North Sainty (married 1890 in Sydney)

North West Tennant (born circa 1829, died in Melbourne)

North O Toole (died 1926 in North Sydney)

Northern Monarch Charles Catterole (resided 1909 in Nhil, Victoria)


North and Northern as Middle Names

Agnes North Ambler (resided 1936 in Ballarat, Victoria)

Alice Cecilia North Newenham (died 1887 in Melbourne)

Arthur Ernest North Flower (born 1873 in Melbourne)

Constance North Booth (resided 1949 in Earlwood, New South Wales)

Daniel North Rice (married 1875 in Queensland)

Denis North Eastern Hogan (resided 1937 in Euroa, Victoria)

Dudley Francis North Fitzgerald (born 1891 in Melbourne)

Earl North Kourt Dempsey (born 1892 in Port Augusta, South Australia)

Edward North Stack (born 1871 in Sydney)

Eric North North (resided 1936 in Wilmot, Tasmania)

Ernest North Weston (died 1966 in Perth)

Ethel North Street (born 1881 in Melbourne)

Fanny North Bucknell (resided 1948 in Griffith, Queensland)

Florence North Bell (born 1870 in Muswellbrook, New South Wales)

Frederick Harold North Bowman (resided 1937 in Parkes, New South Wales)

Gertrude North Coffey (resided 1930 in Sydney)

Hini Moana North Wright (died 1982 in Ocea, Victoria)

Honora Assumpta North Clair (resided 1958 in Fitzroy, Queensland)

Juliann North East Bell (married 1891 in Victoria)

Lavinia North Noy (born 1880 in Melbourne)

Loreene North Goldfinch (born 1889 in Thebarton, South Australia)

Lovell North Thomas White (born 1900)

Mira North Sully (born 1910 in Queensland)

Morkalla North Croft (resided 1942 in Mildura, Victoria)

Nellie North Causby (born 1887 in Moonta, South Australia)

Pearlie North Louis Bissett (resided 1943 in East Sydney)

Richard North Whale (resided 1930 in Sydney)

Ruben Clarence North Fraser (born 1907 in Northcote, Victoria)

Tudor North Davies (resided 1963 in Hume, New South Wales)

Ulysses North Bagot (born circa 1820, died in North Adelaide)

Walter North Cocks (resided 1963 in Sydney)

William North Balnaguith Sorrel (born 1857 in Victoria)

Zaida Eva North Daley (resided 1949 in Melbourne)

Zillah North Goulding (born 1864 in Bulla, Victoria)

Benjamin Northern Monarch Burridge (resided 1958 in Brisbane)

Kilmont Northern Webb (resided 1968 in Darwin)

Margaret Northern Jones (born 1868 in Milang, South Australia)

Sarah Jane Northern Light Rann (married 1882 in North Adelaide)

(Photo is of Cape York, the most northerly point of mainland Australia)