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blogimport_ahabxp-15ilmslDave Hughes and his family have been on the blog twice now, so I thought we should look at his radio partner, Kate Langbroek (surname sounds like Langbrook). Kate and Dave do the breakfast shift together on Nova, and their show is called Hughesy and Kate.

According to their website, Dave has a segment on the show called The Name Nazi, where he tells you the correct spelling of names, and woe betide anyone called Alivia or Phelissitie. I have come to realise that radio hosts have a whole hive of bees in their bonnet when it comes to baby names, which makes them such fascinating subjects as baby namers themselves.

Kate is married to Peter Allen Lewis, an electrical engineer who now owns a bar, where he works two days a week. They have been married for ten years and have four children together.

Lewis Jan (b. 2003)

If you’re thinking, Hmm … am I reading that right? It looks as if that kid’s name must be Lewis Lewis, then yes you’re reading it right. It was a real fad in the 18th century to have your surname as your first name, and Kate and Peter seem to have brought it back. Lewis’ middle name is after Kate’s father, who is Dutch-Australian. You probably know the name is said YAHN.

Sunday Lil (b. 2005)

Sunday was named after Sunday Reed, who founded the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne with her husband John. Sunday Reed grew a rockmelon plant at the Heide, from which, many years later, Kate ate its fruit while she was pregnant. Kate thought it was so magical that it inspired their choice of baby name. She was horrified when Nicole Kidman “stole” her baby name three years later, when she named her daughter Sunday Rose. She worried that everyone would start naming their children Sunday, but last year Sunday did not chart in Victoria.

Art Honore “Artie” (b. 2007)

I feel as if Art should have been named after the Heide Museum of Modern Art, but he may not have been … Honore is a French name meaning “honour”, and it’s pronounced on-eh-RAY.

Jan Allen (b. 2009)

Jan is also named Kate’s father (such a great name they used it twice), and Allen is after Peter’s grandfather.

(Photo of Kate, Peter and their children from New Idea)