wes jadeIronman Wes Berg, and his wife, Jade Sutcliffe, welcomed their daughter Billie seven weeks ago. Billie joins big sister Mila-May, aged 22 months.

As well as competing in Ironman, Wes is trainer to some of the best surfers in the country, including Joel Parkinson and Bede Durbidge, and head coach at the Burleigh Surf Lifesaving Club. He featured in the documentary One Touch this year.

Jade is a former professional Ironwoman, which is how she and Wes first met. After retiring, she became a sports manager in NRL football and surfing, and at point was the “Lady Luck” interviewer on the NRL Footy Show. She and Wes are the owners of Berg Boards. Wes and Jade were married in 2007.

The article which mentions Wes Berg noted how there was an abundance of daughters amongst Ironman champs, and quotes an old wive’s tale to the effect that the fitter a man is, the more likely he is to be the father of a girl rather than a boy.

I must confess to not hearing this before, but I do keep track of celebrity babies by their parents’ professions, and have noticed a heavy preponderance of daughters born to NRL footballers compared to sons. Radio hosts, who literally sit down on the job, have had many more baby boys than girls this year.

Of course, as Wes wisely says, “Girls or boys, they are all wonderful”.

(Photo of Wes and Jade shows them about to welcome their first child; from the Daily Telegraph)