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Charlie James and Olivia Paige

Leo Samuel and Maxwell James (Alex)



Abigail Susanne (Jacqueline, Sophie)

Cecilia Elizabeth (Georgia)

Darya Dot

Eleanor Amelie “Ellie”

Electra Rose (Cyrano)

Lucinda Gloria (Chloe, Milo)

Nicole Lee Mary

Piper Lara (Paddy, Josie)

Sage Ella

Zara Aleksandra (Siena)



Alexander Tomasi James (Amelia)

Arlo (Indigo, Atticus)

Carter Liam Franklyn (Olivia, Henry)

Heath Lindsay

Lawrence Archer

Mason Walter (Anabella)

Simon Neil

Tanner Markos

Toby Charles

Wil Christopher

(Photo shows a decorated war veteran placing poppies on the Roll of Honour at the War Memorial for Remembrance Day; photo from ABC News)