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Amber Rae and Leah Cathryne

Charlie James and Asher Harry



Amelie Poppy (Charlotte)

Ariella Lacey (Jairon)

Audrey Victoria

Chiara Ann

Hailey Anne Louise

Imogen Grace

Isabella Nellie

Kelsie Jane (Ella)

Macy Cael (Eli)

Matilda Maree Rose (Shane, Lucas)

Maya Anne Elizabeth



Felix Petar James (Brayden, Arielle, Ruby, Huxley)

Henry Jack Christopher

Hunter Andrew James

Jagger Ocean (Jayde)

Jax Anthony Shane (Bailee)

Jensen Edward (Lucas)

Logan Anthony Kerry

Oliver Peter Ross

Orlando Ralphie (Paityn)

Rex Arthur (Angus, Poppy)

Vincent Paul Emmanuel

William McRae Alexander

(Picture shows the square dancing convention, held in Hobart on June 10 2012; photo from the ABC)