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Comedian Eddie Perfect, and his wife, Lucy Cochran, welcomed their second daughter on February 21. Her name is Lottie Lux, and she was born at 3 pm in Melbourne, weighing 3.94 kg (8 pounds 11 ounces). Lottie joins big sister Kitty, aged 18 months. Eddie jokes that as a father of only daughters, he will soon come to resemble Mr Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.

Eddie is a comedian and musician who has appeared on television for many years, as well as in his stage shows. He has written a satirical musical about cricketer Shane Warne which won multiple awards, and was named Best Entertainer in the Bulletin‘s 100 Brightest Australians for his caustic lyrics, impeccable timing and boy-next-door looks. He currently plays Mick Holland on the Channel 10 series Offspring; Eddie’s fellow cast member Kat Stewart welcomed her own baby, Archie, last month.

Lucy is a strategic planner with advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi. She and Eddie met in 2006, and were married last year.

Lottie Perfect’s middle name seems a definite nod to her mother, and as we had a celebrity baby called Lux Edward last year, the name Lux seems to be in unisex territory.

(In case you were wondering, Perfect is Eddie’s real name and not a stage name).