Channel 9’s The Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality TV show where single farmers get the chance to date several people from the city, and eventually choose one. Hopefully, their choice is equally enamoured with them, and possibly marriage is in their future. Here are two couples who have recently had children, all thanks to the show.

Chris Newsome and his wife Kim met on the first season of the show, in 2007. They hit it off straight away, were engaged by March 2008, and married in May 2008. They allowed their wedding to be filmed for the start of the next series. Their daughter Charlotte Ann was the first baby from the show; she was born in 2009.

Kim still marvels at how the show changed her life. She had almost given up on ever meeting the man of her dreams, and then one day she saw a promo for The Farmer Wants a Wife, and thought Chris looked really nice, which gave her the courage to apply as a contestant. Chris and Kim’s son Corbin John was born in May this year, and Kim says he is a placid, giggly baby who has slept all through the night since the age of six weeks.

(Story from Digital Spy, September 20 2011; photo from Herald Sun, August 27 2011)

Damian Atkins and his partner, Rachael Peynenborg, met on the third season of the show, in 2009. Their relationship progressed well once the cameras weren’t following them around. Their son Harvey Richard was born recently by emergency caesarean, and the couple gave an interview to Woman’s Day magazine about his birth.

Even though the show is supposed to be about getting single farmers married, the couple have joked about the fact they only moved in together. They say their baby is the show’s first “love child”, and that they will “work on” having a wedding once they settle into parenthood.

(Story from Digital Spy, October 25 2011; photo from Daily Telegraph, June 13 2011)