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First cab off the rank for sibsets in the news are the children of Michael Ennis, who is the hooker for National Rugby League team, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Since 2009, he has also been hooker for the New South Wales Blues in the State of Origin series.

This story appeared in the sport section of The Daily Telegraph, dated June 17.

It shows Michael with his three children, all suitably dressed in Blues jerseys – Jack, aged 4; Kobyfox, aged 2; and baby Randy, who is 11 months old.

Michael and his wife Simone have picked interesting, and unexpected, names for their kids as a sibset. Jack is a perennial favourite, and #4 in New South Wales. Randy’s name has never been on the Top 100, and his middle name is Wolfe. Kobyfox seems to be a unique combination of the names Koby and Fox. I wonder if Jack has an animal as his middle name.

The point of the story is that none of the children are old enough to remember the last time New South Wales won State of Origin, way back in 2005. Having lost, then won, games in the series, New South Wales is hoping to win the third and deciding match against Queensland in Brisbane on July 6. Michael, well-known for being a “hands on” father, is planning to fly his whole family to the game, so that hopefully they can watch their dad, and their state team, win Origin for the first time in their young lives.

Let’s hope it’s a Blues win next month, so these kids can finally experience a New South Wales victory!