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Baby shoes for a boy and a girl

You remember Rae and Nick: they have a son named Mason, and are expecting twins later this year. When they first wrote, they did not yet know the sexes of the twins, but since then they have had their scans, and now know they are having a boy and girl.

Exciting news! But also something new to think about, since they had names all picked out for two girls (Aurelia and Edeline).

They have decided which name they want for the female twin, but have not yet settled on a name for the male twin. They think the middle middle will be Theodore, and their surname sounds somewhat like Carfox. They don’t want a name starting with C, or with M, and like contemporary names which shorten to a nickname.

Rae is hoping that they can get some suggestions for a boys’ name.

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Whew! Girl-boy twins: big news, but a lot to take on board.

I love the middle name you have chosen, and wonder if there is any chance Theodore could be the first name? It sounds good with your surname, and shortens to Theo, Ted, and Teddy.

As you did not want the twin’ names to match, and are still searching for a boy’s name, I will suggest some names which go with your surname and chosen middle name, and can be shortened.

Dashiell Theodore Carfox “Dash”
Dexter Theodore Carfox “Dex”
Finlay Theodore Carfox “Finn”
Franklin Theodore Carfox “Frank”
Gabriel Theodore Carfox “Gabe”
Louis Theodore Carfox “Lou”
Jasper Theodore Carfox “Jas, Jaz”
Joseph Theodore Carfox “Joe”
Oscar Theodore Carfox “Oz”
Sebastian Theodore Carfox “Seb”
Rafferty Theodore Carfox “Raff, Raffy”
Ryder Theodore Carfox “Ry, Rye”
Vincent Theodore Carfox “Vince, Vin”
Xavier Theodore Carfox “Xavi, Zavy”
Zachary Theodore Carfox “Zach, Zacky”

That’s a few to give you some ideas, but I’m sure you will come up with something far better.

UPDATE: The twins’ names were Charlotte and Bennett!