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Last month the Mayor of Leichhardt was in the news with the birth of his daughter, and now another Sydney mayor has made the headlines.

The Mayor of Camden, Lara Symkowiak, and her husband Andrew, welcomed their daughter Airlie Grace on December 29 last year, born 8:02 am at Sydney Southwest Private Hospital in Liverpool.

Later that morning Camden’s Deputy Mayor, Peter Sidgreaves, and his wife Amy, welcomed twin daughters Brielle and Zara. They were born at 11:43 am and 11:44 am at Liverpool Hospital, and are sisters for Lani and Kaiyah.

It is the first time that Camden council’s most senior elected officials have both welcomed babies while in office, let alone them arriving on the morning of the same day.

Councillor Sidgreaves wonders if this has ever happened to a mayor and deputy mayor before in history, but I’m not sure whether it can be confirmed or not. I welcome input from those more knowledgeable.

(From left to right, picture shows Amy and Peter with the twins, and Lara and Andrew with their daughter)