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Elizabeth and Thomas were expecting a second child, a sibling for their son. Elizabeth felt that she was sorely lacking baby name inspiration, and wrote in to the blog for help.

While I was able to offer some help on girls’ names, unfortunately I wasn’t much use with boys’ names. Nothing daunted, Elizabeth went right through the entire blog to find a name that she loved, and eventually she hit on it – Bede! However, Thomas didn’t like Bede at all, so it was back to the drawing board.

Elizabeth and Thomas welcomed their second son last June, without having a name picked out for him. There’s nothing like having an actual baby to focus you though, and eventually they put their heads together and called him


brother to Xavier.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Thomas! And this is a nice reminder that even if I fail you, and the blog fails you, and no inspiration strikes, and you can’t agree on any names with your partner, and you don’t get a name list done before the baby is born – you will work it out and find the right name. We all have perfect faith in you.