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Imogen and Charles were expecting their second child, and although they had already picked a boy’s name, were having trouble deciding on a girl’s name. As it happened, they had a boy on August 30 last year, and were able to use the name they had chosen. Imogen wanted to share it, because it’s a name they were very excited about, and his name is


little brother to Allegra.

The couple wanted an Irish name to honour Charles’ ancestry, and it had to be a strong name that wasn’t too common. Imogen came across the name Fitzpatrick on Nameberry a few years ago, and it fit the bill perfectly, while the middle name honours a family connection. Fitzpatrick’s nickname is very Irish, and Imogen can even imagine him being called Fitzy when he gets older. If Fitzpatrick had been a girl, his name would have been either Margot or Greta.

Congratulations on the birth of your son Imogen and Charles – what a handsome and even noble name, perfectly chosen to honour his Irish ancestry, and with a handy nickname for everyday use.