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Charlotte and Jake had a very difficult time choosing a baby name for their new daughter. Their first choice, Elsie, was derailed by a family disagreement, and they came home from hospital with a nameless baby.

They started calling their little girl Mabel, but received so many rude comments from other people that it made them second-guess themselves, and wonder if it was really the right choice. Their name list got longer and longer, as the sixty-day due date for registration loomed ever closer.

After writing in to the blog, Charlotte and Jake made some tough decisions, and cut their list down to just two names – Elsie Josephine and Mabel Birdie Rose. Their daughter’s name was registered on the 59th day and her name formally announced, but there was a bit of to-and-froing on the registry front, as the middle name remained under discussion. The registry was very supportive and understanding during this process.

Finally, they could tell the world that their baby girl, now four months and one day old, was definitely (absolutely for sure and no take backs) was

MABEL ROSE, nicknamed “BIRDIE“,

little sister to OLIVE.

Charlotte, Jake, and Olive adore Mabel’s name and are very happy with the choice they made. Mabel Rose suits her best because it’s sweet and fuss-free, but the nickname Birdie is one that everyone loves, and Olive also has a cute little pet name that isn’t connected to her name. When Mabel is older, if she wishes, Birdie will be officially added to her name, but even if it’s not on the birth certificate, Birdie will be a part of her name story forever.

I think Charlotte and Jake have done an outstanding job at choosing a name which was perfect for them and their family, and what a great way to incorporate Birdie into her name. The name Mabel was extremely popular with the public, so I think other people are going to be very enthusiastic too.

I’m sure Mabel is going to be very interested in her name story in the future, and will be amazed at how many people were discussing her name before it had even been registered! I hope you’ve all enjoyed being a part of Mabel’s name story, and Charlotte wishes to pass on her deep gratitude to everyone who offered guidance and gave them the confidence to choose the name they loved.