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Actress Madeleine West, and her partner Shannon Bennett, the head chef at Melbourne’s Vue Du Mond, welcomed twin girls on November 14, and have named their daughters Xalia and Margot. Xalia and Margot join big brother Hendrix, and sisters Phoenix, Xascha, and Xanthe. Xanthe’s birth was covered on the blog.

Back in July, blog reader Alison asked people to guess what Madeleine and Shannon’s twins might be called. They have absolutely foxed us, because not only did nobody guess the name Xalia, but nobody guessed that they would abandon their X-name theme for the second twin! A popular theory was they would use the X in the middle this time, with name choices such as Lexie and Roxy, but they didn’t do this either. The best guess was from The Mrs, who suggested Margaux for the couple – which would have been a great choice.

They have no doubt further fretted some readers by choosing the name Margot – a baby name that some have begun to worry is on its way to much higher popularity in the future. A celebrity baby named Margot will do nothing to allay their concerns.

(Photo of Madeleine and Shannon from the Herald Sun)